There are several events that happen at 基督教中央书院 that involve all students in Grades Pre-K-12. CCA takes pride in being a Pre-K-12 building and having the ability to incorporate activities and events that encompass all grades. Each event is carefully planned in order to enthusiastically involve all students.


CCA的一天 is a special event to kick off the beginning of each school year. This is typically the day before school starts and is designed to bring all families together to celebrate the new school year united as a family. 早上从送学生补给品开始, followed by a Dedication Service to honor God and dedicate the upcoming year to Him. The theme verse for the year is introduced and a guest speaker shares an encouraging message based on that theme. 赞美和敬拜由我们自己的学生领导 赞美合奏.

Lunch is served after the Dedication Service, followed by a variety of activities for all ages! 人类叠叠乐, 弹跳屋, 攀岩墙, 和Can Jam只是一些有趣的活动. It is a wonderful time for new and returning students and families to interact with each other.

在今天结束之前, we are well acquainted and ready to begin the new school year fueled and excited!


CCA的返校日是九月的最后一个星期六. 这一天以花车游行开始. Each middle and high school grade designs and creates a float to represent their class. The parade has a theme and each float depicts something from that theme. The parade proceeds in front of the Pre-K-5 students as they cheer on the upper grades. 经过法官席后, the floats are escorted by our local police department through the neighborhood streets.

The students in Grades Pre-K-5 then set out on foot and have a walking parade of their own. They travel around the block and then enter into the Nurline Lawrence Auditorium for a special presentation of fun and excitement.

一旦花车游行回来,特别表演结束, 学校操场因游戏而活跃起来, 食物和奖学金. Each upper class sets up a booth with a game or two to entertain the younger students and their families. The afternoon continues with our soccer teams playing games which draw a huge crowd of students and families to cheer on our Crusaders to victory!

校友 and their families are invited back to campus to join in the homecoming festivities and re-unite with CCA faculty and 工作人员 and other alumni.

在此之前是为期一周的“精神周”,” with Friday’s kick-off events usually including a chicken barbeque and a Powder Puff football game.


Pep assemblies are used to increase school spirit and encourage our sports teams before a big game or tournament. Teams are introduced and sometimes perform skills competitions for the crowd. 低年级学生制作海报,为每个队加油.

There is usually a relay game that includes students from each grade from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. 当每个小组完成接力赛时,人群为他们欢呼.




返校前一周被称为“秋季精神周”.” Each day is a different theme where students, faculty, and 工作人员 dress up for the theme of the day. Points are tallied for participation and prizes are awarded after 同学会 to a class from each of the four divisions: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 和9 - 12. Competition is at its finest as each class attempts to get more points for dres唱 up and participating, 因为他们为周末的返校节兴奋不已.


圣诞假期的前一周,是非常特别的一周. 每天都有一个不同的圣诞主题,学生们穿着不同的服装. 有一天,是我们的“丑毛衣日”.“每个人都穿着自己最丑的毛衣, 无论是商店买的还是手工制作的, and competes with their classmates for the chance to compete in the finals on the last day of the week.

我们的“圣诞精神周”礼拜也很特别. We share the wonderful story of the birth of our Lord and Savior for the entire week. We have guest speakers and praise and worship with our very own 赞美合奏.



A few times during the year, there are major events that require an “All-School Kick-Off:”

在这些集会上,所有的学生都坐在Nurline A. Lawrence Auditorium to witness the excitement and explanation of the upcoming event. Then all students are encouraged to participate in the upcoming event and/or encourage their parents to participate as well. Drawings are held for prizes and students leave the assembly excited about the upcoming event!


This special event is held in the hallways of CCA on the day of our Senior 教堂. Our Seniors are dressed in their graduation gowns in preparation for their last 教堂 of the year. All students in Grades Pre-K-11 line the first floor hallways and cheer the Seniors on as they process into the Nurline A. Lawrence Auditorium to gather with their parents for a special Senior 教堂. This is CCA’s way for the entire student body to show their support for our graduating seniors.


CCA’s annual 选秀节目 is held before Winter Break and is something every student looks forward to each year. This is an all-school talent show where any student can share their God-given talents with the entire school.

学生们上台跳舞, 唱, 演奏乐器, 做体操, 呼啦圈, 分享小品. 这是一个有趣和令人兴奋的时刻. All students support one another by cheering each act on as he or she takes the stage and shares his/her talent.

At the 高中 level, each class is responsible for one act in the 选秀节目. 这是达人秀的重头戏,受到了大家的一致好评. There are even years when our faculty and 工作人员 put together a special presentation!

Everyone leaves at the end of the 选秀节目 prai唱 one another for a job well done.